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DALLAS, TX - A new beverage has been making serious waves in the health community this week.
Called "Stardust Punch," this new fad drink claims to provide you with the wisdom of the entirety of time and space, for only $6,999!
The product comes to consumers from newbie health organization StarGeyzer, who have reportedly been working on perfecting this cosmically-inspired drink for the past hundred years!
Group spokesperson Grant Carmichael has this to say about the popular new drink:
"Don't drink Stardust Punch if you intend on living a plain, earthly life.
If you are content sitting at home, watching TV night in and night out,
then this product is not for you. But if you want to elevate your life to
a cosmic level, then you need to act fast. This is a trial batch, to see
how consumers will respond, so that means it's a limited-time
offer! So get your Stardust Punch now!"
Consumers have been flocking to authorized retailers, hoping to get ahead of the curve on this new craze. All that can be said for certain at this point is that people are over the moon for Stardust Punch!
judging by its price, we take a moment pause..err.. orite. no thank u...
......... I'm going to go hide in a hole now.
last time I checked, the only things capable of producing an elevation to the 'cosmic level' are illegal. Like, I think absinthe had an add like this once. Seems like a money scam.
@FluffyBunny no it's not real, it's all graphic design
That's real? I thought it was photo shopped... o.o
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