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Alright...so Chad Future just released this MV for his upcoming second album (He made an album already?) that will be released on June 30th.
I honestly don't even know where to begin...
The only reason I thought this was K-pop news was because the MV also feature's BESTie's U.Ji. But then I looked up and read Chad Future's website...and here's what he said:
"Right now, My focused goal is to bridge the gap between K-Pop and American music and continue on the path becoming a successful American born K-Pop Artist in USA, Korea and The World."
I am not sure about other K-pop fans, but I don't think there is a "need" for anyone to "bridge the gap" between American music and K-pop. They are perfectly fine being their own separate entities and I'd like to enjoy them just the way they are.
He goes on to mention the awesomeness of K-pop music (which I can agree with):
"Check out the lighting, the sets, the choreography, the outfits, the video quality, the epic-ness, the production of the music... It is honestly the absolute top in the entire world. American music and videos are great, but they are not as big as K-Pop."
But then mentions his genre of music being AK-pop (American K-pop?).
What exactly about his music makes it (American) K-pop??? If he's talking about the English lyrics, there are TONS of groups that have English verses in their music!
Overall, "So Good" seemed like a lazy attempt at a catchy song with a not-so-original MV. However, it is nowhere near bridging any gap between "American" music and K-pop. And based on what I've learned so far, I don't think it is possible to (unnecessarily) bridge such a gap without the artist understanding the culture or knowing the language (he seems to do neither).
U.JI sounds pretty good but I will not be adding this one to my playlist.
@PassTheSuga Yeah. Honestly I don't care what he does or what he associates his genre of music with. Whatever makes him happy, then he should do it. We'll just not agree with his ideology. ┐(︶▽︶)┌
@StephanieDuong indeed! I have pals who love him and meanwhile I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum..... but we just kind of agree to disagree because a fan war over Chad Future would be beyond ridiculous (´ヮ`)
@PassTheSuga I agree with you 200% People get curious when there's something new, and like you said, I honestly believe that he's trying this "AK-pop" stuff for the aesthetic of kpop. We all know how much kpop has gotten popular all over the world, as we can see from all the different world tours that groups are doing. So I think that he's trying to make a statement saying "I'M NOT KOREAN, BUT I LOVE KPOP, SO I WANT TO MAKE MY OWN MUSIC AND CALL IT AMERICAN K-POP". When people see others go off of the norm, naturally, people get curious. He is just trying to make a statement that he's the only (I'm not trying to sound racist AT ALL) white American guy who loves kpop enough to incorporate 'American pop' and 'kpop' together.. And again like you said @PassTheSuga, it just seems like he's trying to be a Kpop Messiah. It just doesn't make sense.. -_-' And I seriously hope that no one got offended by my opinion..
@poojas you're stepping up your GIF game, girl.....ON FLEEK! ( の •̀ ∀-)و
I found Chad Future a while ago... I think before he even started making his own music videos! Before I thought he was just a kpop fanboy which I was totally okay with. Then he started making his own music videos, and even having VIXX's Ravi and NU'EST Aron featured in it..which I'm still wondering how he got them to work with him. Anyways, I don't understand how his style of music is AK-pop....I'm just wondering, what defines Korean pop and American pop? Because in my opinion, not all kpop and American songs sound the same AT ALL. So for him to be saying he wants AK-Pop just seems so wrong to me.... yes, he gets Korean idols to feature in his songs, but does that really make it a Kpop song? Just because there's Korean and English in a song, in my opinion, I dont that classify it as "American Kpop"..I don't know. I really feel like there's absolutely no need to bring together American and Kpop music together. ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌ But this is my personal opinion, and he's probably gotten a lot of hate, so I'm just gonna let him be him. :P
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