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When you ask someone what they want to be when they grow up people usually respond with happy. Awesome goal. However, what I find so confusing is at what point in life does this happiness begin? For some reason we believe that we will be happier when we lose more weight, get more money, travel to more places and love more people.
And thats an excellent way to miss out on half of your life, more importantly the fun, confusing half (your 20s), when you have no money and are super confused at life in the real world.
So here are some tips to stop you from sabotaging yourself out of happiness right now!
1. Be confident in anything that you do.
So you tried something new. Either it worked out amazing or it didn't. But when someone goes to talk to you about it, do not preface the conversation with something self deprecating.
Don't start with saying "So I tried something different, I don't think it worked out". Because before anyone has said anything you have put your own work down.
If you are proud of what you did, support it no matter what people say. Although that doesn't mean you shouldn't take constructive criticism.
2. Stop waiting to do anything until you "lose those 20lbs"
So you don't have the perfect body, most people don't think they do. What I can tell you is no one focuses on it more then you do. Cut yourself some slack. If you're waiting to start dating till you lose the weight you are missing out on meeting some awesome (and not so awesome but that comes with the territory) people! Or how about that amazing outfit at you tried on last week but are to afraid to buy? Why wait?
Before you can be happy with anything you have to start at least trying to be happy with yourself. So start loving yourself, everything else will fall into place.
3. Trying to cover up a mistake
Okay so you messed up. It could be an issue at work or a problem with a friend but the rules are the same. The best damage control is just owning up to the mistake and trying to fix it. Covering up mistakes only lead to more drama and a lot of lost sleep. Things will smooth out much faster if you are just honest. Honesty and genuine apologies go a lot further then half heart attempts at covering up the issue.
Plus mistakes are how you learn. You just have to admit your mistake before you can start learning.
4. Thinking you have a type
I don't even get what that means. The idea that you have a type makes no sense because that means you are just going for the same type of people that you ended up breaking up with in the first place! Plus limiting yourself to one type completely stops you from experiencing anything new. There are some very interesting people in the world who can and will make you happy in many different ways.
Don't knock 'em till you try 'em is what I always say.
5. Not telling the people in your life how much they mean to you
So you don't wanna look stupid, or needy, or overly emotional. I get it. But by not telling people how much you care you are missing out on making the people you love extremely happy. It is always nice to know when someone appreciates you, so tell your friends how much you love them, even if they call you lame you know they actually love it.
And for the person you "totally don't believe in labels with", tell them how you feel. They might feel the same way or they might not, either way you know where you stand and then you can figure out how much time you want to waste on them. `
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Life is way to short to wait. Do things now