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Flower Market Friday
This is just a reminder for everyone out there that Fridays make the best Flower Market days!
It's always great to start the weekend early by changing up your M-F routine by getting up early to hit the flower district of LA (or wherever you may live). Everything is fresh. The colors range from vivid to pastel. There's that bustling of activity between vendors and buyers that's frenetic and exciting. Plus, you can buy yourself your own blooms to guide you through the rest of your day and on to your fabulous weekend!
Have you ever been to the LA flower district? If you live outside LA, where are your flower districts located?
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Ah yeah no flower markets near me! But these are gorgeous! I love flowers and wish I was close to one! Thanks for always sharing the beauty of life!
Yeah it is too bad! Especially since I have a Floral Certificiate and Catering Certificate along with my Degree. I like to enjoy so many things! Philadelphia is the closest Flower Market and great food market too! Yummy! But nothing beats your place! Thanks!
Wow that's so cool @redridergirl you're an all around pro! maybe I'll get to the city of brotherly love someday. never been. ;)