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I'm going to be honest, when I used to workout with my ex-boyfriend, I wanted to bite his head off. Although we did eventually learn how to motivate each other, we were both very competitive. He was a runner, and I was more into strength training. He'd correct my funny-looking jog, and I'd sarcastically smirk and say, "shut the duck up." When I wanted to lift weights, he wanted to do hill sprints under the scorching sun. And oh-my-gosh...I hate running. So much. After working out, he wanted boiled chicken, I wanted a cheeseburger. We were into working out, but we weren't exactly compatible in the fitness/health area. Then we learned how to workout with each other, but not right next to each other.
You know all of those cute gym pictures of couples? That wasn't my life. But, some people actually have that -- I guess (they are liars).

With part of a relationship, communication is key.

1) Be each other's best cheerleader. There's nothing constructive with bringing each other down. 2) Do things you love to do together. Maybe your partner wants to play basketball with the homies. Maybe you like doing yoga with your co-workers. But together, the both of you like rock climbing -- do that. 3) It's okay if your partner may be faster, stronger, more flexible, or more coordinated -- see your partner as an inspiration, not as an enemy. 4) Hear each other out. If your partner can help you with breathing techniques, be open to hearing them. If you have strength training tips for your partner, you should be able to communicate that as well. 5) Maybe your workouts should be done alone. We all need our alone time, and it's okay if you don't want to include your partner. Sometimes the gym is a time for us to find our peace.
My boyfriend and I are way too competitive to ever workout together so we always agree to be each other's cheerleaders like you said. If we're on the same team we'll argue, if we're on different teams someone will end up a loser so staying on the sidelines is the best way to go!
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Someone who gets where I am coming from! Yeah, it was super hard to workout with my ex. But you learn what works and what doesn't work! :) @galinda
thanks @redridergirl! :)
Great on every level!