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Hey guys, I noticed all the K-pop workout playlist cards and had to share my own! As I was putting together my list, I realized I have a strong YG bias, haha.
iKON - Sinosijak
What better way to "Start" a workout than with iKON? B.I sounds amazing in this awesome warm-up song.
Mino - I'm Him
This is the perfect workout song with a catchy beat! But I'm glad I don't watch the MV because their awkward moves at 2:31 cracks me up every single time!
G-Dragon - Crayon
Every time I listen to this song while working out, I imagine crazily running after a crayon as GD yells "Get your crayon!" Nothing more motivating than that! LOL
Big Bang - Fantastic Baby
There was no way I wasn't including this Big Bang classic in my playlist. Who doesn't want to run around yelling "Wow, fantastic baby" (When no one's around, of course!)
Big Bang - Bae Bae
This one I just recently added to my list. It's too catchy not to! I just have to avoid thinking of all their silly antics in the MV (Especially TOP!).
Epik High - Born Hater
Okay, I think everyone needs this song on their workout playlist. This song gives the perfect feeling at the end of a workout. You feel like a boss and don't care what anyone else thinks or says.
So there's my K-pop Workout Playlist. If you haven't already made one, feel free to make a card about it. I'd love to see what other's are listening to and add some new songs to my list! ^_^
Edit: Just read the rules on the original post (sorry, pretty new to the community ^^) and wanted to tag @nenegrint14 for the playlist theme and also @MattK95 ^_^
Love these songs! Also you forgot to tag @nenegrint14 & @MattK95! Have you read this yet?? http://www.vingle.net/posts/853989?isrc=v. Totally awesome list!!!!!!!! DAEBAK! :)
Oh nice playlist! Fantastic baby is my favorite song!
@sherrysahar Of course friend :) @christy Thank you!
@chandnip804 I <3 Fantastic Baby too! @jiggzy19 Thanks for showing me the post! I edited the post and tagged them! ^_^ Also thanks @StephanieDuong and @nenegrint14 ^^
thanks @jiggzy19 for the tag!!
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