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For those of you that didn’t see the 2015 Tony’s, it definitely wasn’t an awards show you should miss. Now worries or judgment, you can watch bits of it here.
Alan Cumming co-hosted with the lovely and talented Kristin Chenoweth, and they were were wonderful. The yin to each others yang. Or however that saying goes. They seemed confident and radiated energy.
Now, Alan Cumming told us in a opinion in an editorial pieces that he sure didn’t feel that way:
“Midway through the evening, I had been asked how I was feeling and replied I felt like someone standing in the middle of a freeway of oncoming trucks, dodging every one by some miraculous fusion of chance, adrenalin and lust for survival, never knowing if his next breath might be his last (or at least his TV-award-show-host career’s last)."
Not all celebrities and hosts can do things effortlessly.
It takes time, patience, and a desire to be the best. Hosts have to think on their toes and keep the show going with a lot of rehearsal and honing their skills.
Alan Cumming is an honest example of what it’s really like to have to work to get where you are, and work to stay there.
"Fun and terror have very similar traits. They can indeed be sometimes exactly the same, and for either to be truly successful they should both be unpredictable and even a little dangerous.”
Check out this one of him singing Part of Your World @beywatch. It’s awesome and hilarious:
Only live clips @beywatch...sigh
I haven’t yet @beywatch, though I’ve watched many clips! He is honestly an amazing live performer.
He sings it in a way that is totally him and I love it. He owns at being authentically himself
OH MY STARS, HE IS THE CUTEST. This video made my day.
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