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Start off your Saturday morning right with breakfast in bed. I've collected some of Instagram's best snaps tagged #breakfastinbed to inspire your lazy weekend.
This looks amazing. And so healthy! Photo by @ffood.ffashion
Add a pop of color to your morning with beautiful fruit! Photo by @eatwell.bewell.livewell
Get your daily recommended value of cuteness with these adorable bear toasts :)
Maybe it's time to dust off the ol' waffle maker. Treat yo' self! Photo by @clippercoffee
Peaches and cream! And almonds, I guess. Always good to start your day with a little protein! Photo by @sigridemborg
Pancakes, polka dots, and pretty colors! Photo by @vasseurbeauty
A cup of tea and some reading material. So relaxing. Photo by
Let's all stay in bed a little later tomorrow, guys. And get some much-deserved rest after a long week! And now, I'm off to dream about what I'm going to make for breakfast...
That bread in the last one look INCREDIBLE. Though if I ate that much bread in the morning, I probably wouldn't be able to get out of bed lol.
A delicious breakfast in bed sounds like a good start of the day!
Hahaha @Nisfit absolutely. Maybe add a winky face or two for maximum hinting? ;) ;)
Sooo sending this to my roommate would be a pretty big hint that I want to be spoiled next weekend, right?
@ alise I totally agree!! I wish I could get myself to wake up early enough to do it on weekdays. But unfortunately, as of this morning, yet another unfinished bowl of cereal is left in the bathroom as I rush out the door to work...