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I wish I had a megaphone for this, "MOMS, IT'S OKAY TO LOOK STUNNING FOR YOUR (insert daughter or son here) WEDDING!!!!!!!"
Selma Hayek looks gorgeous in this Elie Saab gun metal floral gown.
Wearing black or red to the wedding IS NOT TABOO! Do it in Elie Saab style!
For the dramatic at heart, this beaded Elie Saab masterpiece does the trick. Love the fur.
My point is, Moms, you don't have to wear what everyone else wears. You don't have to do pant suits or bolero jackets. Who said that you have to look frumpy? Looking your best has nothing to do with upstaging the bride. In fact, dressing immaculately is a sign of good etiquette.
What are you wearing to your son or daughter's wedding?