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Contouring is what celebs use to cover their flaws. (Not that their flaws aren't beautiful anyway...) Contouring gives your face that cut edge look. It pulls out the shape of your face and makes everything look alot prettier.
You can look at the first picture and see the slimming effect in my nose and in my jaw line. Now, look at the second picture. When I pucker you can see where my actual jaw line lies.
After contouring, complete your look with a gorgeous lipstick of your choice and some sexy eye makeup. To get step by step instructions on how I contour please comment below and I will make another contouring card. :)
It's called 'keep it red' and it's maybelline new York 24 hour color. It's like a lip stain. It will last all day with no touch up except for some gloss!
This make up is perfect for 4th of July. What color is your lipstick?