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I won't lie...the name Chad Future made me shudder before I ever heard a single one of his songs. I mean, seriously? Chad? Future? asdfghjythnsdwhy???
And even though some of his rhymes are cheesy and he's not an idol...does he truly deserve all the hate he gets? Of course, everyone's entitled to their own opinion (goodness knows Kpop fans are very opinionated) but I think he deserves a chance. What do you think about him?

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@MattK95 somehow I like the sentence "I'm not a Chad Future" better :P And you make a good point! The K in Kpop does stand for Korean. While he is making pop music, it's not fair to call it Kpop.
I agree with you @MattK95 and @DancingPartyTme. I don't hate him I just think he can do better and will eventually get there.....maybe
I actually like some of his remakes he is not the best but I really don't really thinkbhe is a bad artist at all
Honestly he isnt that bad and doesn't deserve the hate he gets. Of course his covers arent that great but its not ad bad as everyone make it to be. he does kpop covers, thats a wow in itself. its not easy to do covers from a song that is in a language you dont know. I agree that his songs arent the best but he's kinda okay, I guess. I really like his Growl cover. I dint think it was possible to recreate (or come at least a little close) something as good as Growl