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Reports say around 5am central time, there was an orchestrated attack on Dallas Police HQ. A man went to Dallas' police HQ and planted explosives (believed to have been a pipe bomb among others), and began shooting at the HQ building. While no one was injured, this led to a police chase that ended with officers shooting the man while he remained in a parked van in a suburb.

Video captured by nearby citizens.

The attacker is rumored to be have been James Boulware, and he is presumed dead after a shootout with police. His parents have, however, spoken out to condemn the attack, and confirm that it indeed was their son.
Information is still being gathered on him, but the following is the current report:
"His father told The Dallas Morning News Boulware was angry with the police after losing custody of his son. Jim Boulware explained, “I tried to tell him that the police are just doing their job.” Boulware had been arrested by Paris, Texas police two years ago for allegedly getting guns, ammo, and body armor, and threatening to attack his family and several public buildings."
These days there has been a lot of anger directed at officers, and while I do understand that some have done some horrible things, I hope that people remember not to label them all bad. These are still people (for the most part) that risk their lives every single day to keep us safe.
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