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Jay Park__Joah Gray ft Loco__ 하기나 해 (Just Do It) Loco__You Don't Know AOMG feels are particularly strong today....<3 *@aabxo I told you Loco wrote that song about me......he TOADilly pointed right at me ( ੭ु´ ・∀ ・`) ु
I had these in this order on a summer playlist I've been working on......lol kinda funny how that worked out. If you haven't downloaded these tracks I highly suggest you do. But if you're interested in watching the other melody they performed as well as a short interview it starts at around 54:00 in. They killed it....their performance was so fun! I loved it. And Jay talks about being 29 and getting old and lazy....I feel you, bruh, I feel you..._(._.)_
Loco's so adorable<3 And here's a tidbit for ya....he's wearing the same jacket Lay the bae was wearing in the Call Me Baby MV...and lookin' fresh. And I can't even with Gray.....Each time I see him, I'm like "Dude, are you even real??" I just find him like....sickeningly attractive.
But anywho I'm rambling.... partly because I'm bored and partly because I don't wanna finish cleaning house....lol. I hope you're all having a good one tho!
@Ambie bahhhh I know right! He's adorable. Have you been watching SMTM4?? Mama's been posting cards every week with subs 。^‿^。just in case you're interested.
I'm already crushing on Loco
@poojas Gray is amazing<3 Hell yeah Jay is old Lol....we're the same age and I'm old so he has to be old.
Gray is awesome...and Jay Park is so not old. Maybe lazy lol. None of them look old, hahaha.
@sherrysahar usually the summer is when I step up my workout game and hit the weights everyday but this summer....I've been laying on the couch getting old and gooey. I need to step it up for real Lol.
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