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Last night I was craving chocolate and coconut, so I reached into my pantry for some inspiration!! What I procceded to find was that we were out of butter lol!!! I was able to substitute crisco for the butter; might sound gross but I really needed my chocolate fix and I had nothing to loose so here it is!!! If you are a butter fan just use butter instead.
First off I was feeling lazy, I'm sure these would turn out AMAZING with a homeade chocolate chip cookie recipe, but this only needed 12 minutes, one egg and some butter. (which as mentioned above works fine if you substitute crisco lol) So Pre-heat your oven to 375°F then mix up your cookies.
Press your cookie dough out on a greased cookie sheet. I did it pretty thin so they would bake faster and get nice crispy edges. (again I had crisco instead of butter to grease up my sheet)
Sprinkle desired amount of coconut on top of pressed cookie dough. The coconut does get that awesome toasty look after baking so no need to toast before hand.
I added extra chocolate chips on top because who doesn't like extra chocolate???
Bake at 375°F for 15 minutes, pull em' out and enjoy!!! I have to say these turned out much better than I expected them too!!! And satisfied my random craving for something crunchy, something chocolate, and something coconut. MmMmMm
@Tmillsaps7 LOL chocolate pizza would be awesome!
When I first saw this, I thought it was pizza. Haha
@esha hahah I was thinking the same thing! These look so good!
It's like a Mounds bar meets a chocolate chip cookie! This looks amaaaaazing!
I love the combination of chocolate and coconut too. @KatieChick, did you invent this yourself?!
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