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Take it from my personal experience. when its over with your narcissist, it may help a little too expose him to his friends and family for his abuse but your results will be minimal and unsatisfying. in fact, when his ass kissers and worshipers believe his lies and dont even care what he does and contine to worship him while he makes you look like a psychotic jealous lier, its going to cause you even more emotional pain. its probably better too just let him get away free and clear because thats what hes going to do anyway. Probably the only justice that he will be served is when he dies and goes to hell. But dont count on him being treated the way he deserves in this life. As sickening and outragous as that is. In my case and in most cases, its the cold hard truth. Remember that the narcissist surrounds himself with people who worship him, kiss his ass and will never hold him accountable for his actions. They are, in fact the reason that he is the way that he is. He got the special treatment from his parents and he hand picked people who would play along with his fake self-righteous act, and people who are just like him so that when you try to expose him for the selfish, abusive pig that he is, it wont matter.
Wow! Great timing. Thanks for this perfect reminder. I was just coming to the conclusion that this is a friend that I am dealing with and what is wrong with me as I am the only one thinking this guy is a nutcase. Instead he and his entourage think he is perfectly fine. Being a domestic abuse survivor I just couldn't put the exact label on him other than to say goodbye and thanks but no thanks for the friendship.
This is sooooo true!!! One of my friends was dating a guy who was a total narcissist, and I swear me (and eventually her, thank god) were the only ones to see it!!! At group gatherings it'd be so awkward like, I'd be able to see what an ass and just not good guy he was, and everybody else is still falling all over him!!! So lame. I'm so glad she was able to see it how I was thank god.
@redridegirl im so glad that i could help you out. if you really want to make him pay for hurting you, just play his game and act like hes your god and really make him feel like hes got you wrapped and locked in tight and then leave him cold with out warning and never speak to him again.