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I Remember You‘s special investigation team posed for a fun group shot, with everyone dressed in button-down shirts and jean pants or slacks. The leads, Jang Nara‘s Cha Ji An and Seo In Guk‘s Lee Hyun, are in the center, and the rest of the team includes Kang Eun Hyeok (Lee Chun Hee), Detective Son Myeong Woo (Min Seong Wook), Choe Eun Bok (Healer‘s Son Seung Won), and Min Seung Joo (Kim Jae Young).
It certainly seems like the relationship between them is very friendly, as the whole gang beams while posing arm in arm. Though, on the show, there should be some tension between the characters—especially between the leads—but ultimately, teamwork will probably always prevail, as they set aside their differences to solve the cases. Of course, Ji An and Lee Hyun will be at the forefront of the investigations.
The gang will be making their debut on June 22nd on KBS2.
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I can't wait for this! ^_^