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Recepies from my kitchen
Here are some mouth watering recepies direct from my kitchen.. those keen on sharing their tried and tasted receipies are most welcome to share it with me...
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Ohhhh stir-fried prawns! That is easy enough lol. You should put it in the title of your post so people can find the recipe! :)
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sure I take ur suggestion..
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My second receipe... MALAI KOFTA Grind onion and hara masala Then add boneless chicken and grind again with lil salt and pepper In a plate mix this grinded chicken with half tin fresh cream Make balls and deep fry.... PUDINA CHUTNEY take fresh bunch of pudina and wash thoroughly Fry this with 2 teaspoon oil on pan with green chillies 2-3, onion-1/4, garlic-2 pods Fry a table spoon of dry coconut powder on pan without oil Grind all the ingredients with salt to taste Add tamarind pulp and grind in the end ....
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pls feel free to ask questions
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@danidee. . . I tried to put the receipe name as a card title but cudnt add it to my collection
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