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The “Boys Before Flowers” actor likes to sleep. Despite his like, Hyung Joong likes to stay up late because he believes that sleeping will waste his time. So he prefers doing something rather than sleeping which eventually gives him hard times to wake up early. Hyun Joong will choose love over friendship andhe likes to give it all in a relationship (I personally love this one) The date of his birthday has three numbers 6 in it (6/6/1986) and his blood type is B. #Owww …. he was born on the same month as I was. Hyun Joong once mentioned that his ideal girl was someone like Lee Hyori. #Now I’m getting extra curios about this Lee Hyori girl The SS501 member can sleep anywhere, anytime and he can't easily wake up Hyun Joong hates people command him to do something #raising my own hands He doesn't like girl go back and forth between men.