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While contouring in the car, my first piece of advice is to be careful and light handed. Here we go! First apply your base.
This is what I use for my base.
Then, add your concealer to highlight your face. I suggest highlighting under the eyes all the way to your temples. Also, highlight down the center of your nose, chin, between the eyebrows, and along your jaw bone. I also add concealer to the center of my bottom lip and right above my top lip.
This is the concealer I use.
You will want to go ahead and blend your highlighted areas.
Now you will want to add your shadows. Starting with your cheekbones, you will start from the top of your ear and follow your cheekbone in a whispy motion toward the corner of your mouth. Next, you will outline your jaw bone. You will follow your highlighted area. Take the same bronzer you just used and follow your jaw bone right underneath your highlighted area. Next, you will put ur bronzer around your hairline on your forehead. After that you will put it down both sides of your nose leaving the highlighted area in the center. This will give ur nose a slimming effect. You will look like you are ready for war lol. Blend well and add more bronzer to those areas if needed to get your desired effect.
This is my favorite bronzer.
After you are done blending your bronzer, take a lighter bronzer and fill in the gaps.
This is my lighter bronzer.
Once you are done with all of that you will need to take a powder (either translucent or you can use something with color but remember not too dark!) and cover your entire face. This will help smooth harsh lines and set your makeup. (Also helps soak sweat in the sun so your face will not look oily.)
My powder has a little color but it's still light enough to keep my highlights bright.
Last but not least add eye makeup and your favorite lip gloss or lipstick!
If u have eye shadow that had fallen beneath your eyes or you just want to brighten your highlights I recommend using a powder concealer to touch up. I hope you enjoyed! :) if you have any questions comment!
I did make a mess and u wasn't driving either lol I've had alot of practice though.
You're really skilled! I could never contour in the car because I'll make a mess!
You can do it!! Take some baby wipes or paper towels. You may need them lol
For sure. I'll need some practice.