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A deadly school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut has claimed 27 lives, including 20 children, according to the Associated Press. On Friday morning, gunman Adam Lanza entered Sandy Hook Elementary School and began firing. In a press conference, President Barack Obama called the victims "beautiful little kids" who had their "entire lives ahead of them." Celebrities took to twitter to express their shock and horror at the violence, and share their condolences with the families affected. Read their responses below: Kim Kardashian ‏@KimKardashian In total shock over the school shooting in Ct! 18 children shot dead & 9 adults by a father of one of the kids! What has this world come to Joel Madden ‏@JoelMadden What an awful day in America. My heart aches for all the families in Newton. Leslie Bibb ‏@mslesliebibb Why does this happen? I don't understand. My prayers go out to all the families in CT. I'm so sorry for ur loss. #enoughisenough #guncontrol Jared Leto ‏@JaredLeto My heart + thoughts to the victims, their families, and all affected by the #Newtown school shooting. Absolutely horrifying and tragic. Marlon Wayans ‏@MARLONLWAYANS My heart goes out to all the parents and victims of the horrible shooting. I cant believe that kind of evil can exist Naya Rivera ‏@NayaRivera This school shooting is making me sick to my stomach. My heart goes out to all of the families who lost precious little angels. Gretchen Rossi ‏@GretchenRossi My heart goes out to all the families and victims of the horrible school shooting, so beyond sad. Holly Madison ‏@hollymadison So sad to hear about the school shooting today. Heartbreaking Cody Simpson ‏@CodySimpson just learned of the shooting in CT. I don't even know what to say. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected. #PrayForNewtown Aubrey O'Day ‏@AubreyODay 28 dead w this shooting. Heartbreaking. Life is so precious... hope u all reach out to ur fam & friends today and let them know u love them! Cheryl Burke ‏@CherylBurke Can't believe another shooting just happened.This is horrifying!!My hearts go out to all the victims and their families. Will be praying 4 u Wiz Khalifa ‏@Itsvvizkhalifa The shooting in Connecticut was a sad event and I want to send my blessings to all of the families who were effected by this tragedy. Evelyn Lozada ‏@EvelynLozada Trying to finish this shoot, but this shooting has me SICK!!!! So not fair!!! People are truly SICK! Prayers to all of the parents! Olivia Wilde ‏@oliviawilde I'm appalled by today's shooting. The only reasonable reaction is to completely overhaul gun control policy. Anything else is disgraceful. Tia Mowry ‏@TiaMowry My heart goes out to the victims and families of the Connecticut shooting! #mygodhelpusall Blake Jenner ‏@Blake_Jenner All of my heart and prayers go out to all of the families of those involved in the shooting in Connecticut. So terrible. So sad. Nicole Polizzi ‏@snooki My prayers go out to everyone in CT who were affected by this horrible shooting..I couldn't imagine and my heart goes out to all of you Lance Bass ‏@LanceBass My heart hurts watching this school shooting coverage. Travis Wall ‏@travISova This is such a horror to find out about all the kids and adults killed in the CT shooting. My heart hurts so much for all those families! Cassie ‏@CassieSuper My heart and prayers go out to everyone involved in the Newtown, CT shooting. I have no words. Praying, praying, ... Kylie Jenner ‏@KylieJenner Wow. This is too sad. My prayers go out to the families affected by this shooting Ian Somerhalder ‏@iansomerhalder Wait!WTF?!Just got to work to find out about this atrocity in Connecticut!WHY?Why is happening all over our nation?!Stop shooting people!!!! Brandi Glanville ‏@BrandiGlanville I can not believe this school shooting, what is wrong with people!!!! My heart is breakking for the kids and families. Caroline Manzo ‏@CarolineManzo school shooting in Connecticut is heartbreaking - poor little babies - may God be with them all Kristin Chenoweth ‏@KChenoweth Well im hearing about this shooting in CT. Praying. Sending prayers. Dina Manzo ‏@dinamanzo Omggg just heard about the Connecticut shooting. How heart breaking...beyond upsetting that this could even happen. Prayers for the families Vivica A. Fox ‏@MsVivicaFox OMG!! My prayers go out to all of the families affected by the school shooting in Connecticut!!My heart aches!! WHY?? #GuncontrolASAP Hilary Duff ‏@HilaryDuff Oh my.I am shocked.Heartbroken.Devastating news about this elementary school shooting. What is wrong w/ people?Praying hard 4 these family's Aries Spears ‏@AriesSpears Tryin 2mk sense of this awful school shooting, they say god has a plan 4every1 so this was the plan for these kids? IS GOD REAL???? Chad Johnson ‏@ochocinco Just seeing my news feed on the Connecticut shooting, what is going on, prayers to the families and students involved. JoJo ‏@JoJoistheway I will NEVER understand such horrific violence. God help us all. Please pray for victims, loved ones, & all those affected by CT shooting. Mariel Hemingway ‏@MarielHemingway i am devastated by school shooting in Connecticut.. Let's all take a moment to pray for parents & kids and teachers.... Vinny Guadagnino ‏@VINNYGUADAGNINO Praying for the Victims in the Connecticut school shooting. This is happening too much . Jenna Ushkowitz ‏@JennaUshkowitz My heart goes out to all the Families and children affected by the CT shooting. When will the violence end? Mia Farrow ‏@MiaFarrow Past time!!! RT @sacca: 27 dead in a school shooting. 14 of them are kids. So tell me again, when are we allowed to talk about gun control? Kirk Franklin ‏@kirkfranklin Wow..... These are dark days...Another school shooting. Kevin Spacey ‏@KevinSpacey Just heard about the shooting in Connecticut. My thoughts go out to all who are dealing with this sad news. Piers Morgan ‏@piersmorgan Oh my God - ABC now saying over a dozen dead in school shooting incl numerous children. Horrendous. RayJ ‏@RayJ Thoughts and love go out to those in Connecticut at the school shooting. Life is never guaranteed, make it count Ramona Singer ‏@ramonasinger I am horrified by the news of the CT shooting. My heart and prayers go to the families affected. Holly Robinson Peete ‏@hollyrpeete I'm following #SandyHookElementary shooting reports like it's MY child's school #parentsworstnightmare… Adrienne Maloof ‏@AdrienneMaloof Terrible terrible news about the shooting in Connecticut. Sending thoughts and prayers to everyone involved.... tabatha coffey ‏@tabathacoffey Its heart breaking another school shooting Thoughts and prayers with everyone in CT
i know.. unfathomable
this is so sad....