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In Hollywood, it's hard to be a young starlet without all eyes on you, ready to catch a misstep. Dressing both fashionable and age-appropriate can be difficult when you're constantly around older celebrities and their conflicting influences. These young stars always look fashion-forward and are quite precocious trend setters.

Kiernan Shipka

15 year old Kiernan Shipka (most famous for her role as Sally Draper in Mad Men) has the best style in the under-18 starlet game. She (or rather, her stylist) always picks feminine looks that play with proportion and geometric embellishments just enough to keep them from looking too girly for a serious actress. Kiernan's style has grown up with her, and we can't wait to see where she goes.

Elle Fanning

17 year old Elle Fanning (most recently known for her role in Maleficent) is quickly gaining recognition for her style that's both sweet and feminine and also fashion-forward. Elle is no longer seen as only Dakota Fanning's younger sister; she's a force to reckon with on her own! I love her penchant for pastel dresses that still look cool.

Willow Shields

15 year old Willow Shields (most commonly known for her role in The Hunger Games) skillfully uses her young age to allow herself room to experiment, and I love her for this. She's not afraid of loud prints, colors, and wacky proportions. Willow tones down her bold outfits with classic hair and makeup that keep her looking young and fresh.

G. Hannelius

16 year old Genevieve Hannelius, known professionally as G. Hannelius (known for work on multiple Disney Channel shows) is a budding style star. She may look teeny-tiny, but G. is taking on the fashion world with a fierce determination not usually seen in Disney starlets of her age. G. turns to matchy-matchy ensembles that showcase print and color in a way that's young but aware of the trends.

Willow Smith

14 year old singer/dancer Willow Smith is one in the very precocious Smith household with a fearless take on fashion. She and brother Jaden (3rd picture above) are quite the style duo, and neither is afraid of a little- or a lot of- androgyny and unconventional fashion.

Joey King

15 year old Joey King (known for her role in Crazy, Stupid, Love, among many other titles) is definitely a young actress to keep an eye on. Though her style choices often include girly, youthful dresses, her bolder hair and makeup choices tell me she's determined to make a place for herself in hollywood.

Yara Shahidi

15 year old actress Yara Shahidi has a sweet, age-appropriate style with a slight edge, that makes me want to follow her as she grows up in Hollywood. She takes risks that work because Yara's so young and adorable, and I admire her excitement to play around with fashion.
18 year olds we wish we could include (but just missed the age cut): Lorde, Chloe Grace Moretz, Zendaya, Hailee Steinfeld. Sorry guys! You're playing with the grown-ups now!
Whoa I totally didn't even recognize Willow Shields! And Willow Smith is so amazing for a 14 year old (or really for any age!)
The Fanning sisters are too cool for me. I can't handle it.