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Now I liked this....I liked this A LOT. The song is a jam.... 2PM in my mind....is a group of men. Like grown ass manly men....and I love that.
This move....^right up thurrr^.....see that?? THAT..... FRICKIN.... MOVE.....
They were all looking SUHHH good. But I think this lil guy stole the show....
I freakin died laughing.... had to pause and pull myself together before continuing. The Cinderella-ish theme was cool....I mean lucky britch had 6 delicious men chasing after her. Oooohhh this is sooooo difficult.... who to choose......? So what did y'all think? Who would you have chosen?? lol
Wooyoung? He'll feed you well, ladies....
Jun.K maybe? Shush me all you want....jk I can't Shush when I've been told to Shush....my smartass reflex kicks in....and I'm like "Don't you Shush me....I'll Shush when I'm good and ready....tryna Shush me....what's wrong with you, boy?" ˋ︿ˊ
Changmin perhaps? Be the Beauty to his Beast ....(´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)
Or that big bad wolf, Taecyeon?
Nichkhun's single now........Git him, ladies. orrrrrr would you let Junho take you home?
I totally agree, the rabbit stole the show for me. I loved the rabbit the most but can I not chose whose house to go to but which one to go to first? \/~•~\/ I want to go to all of their houses and be the princess there (>^•^<)
"I want to take you to my house"
@PassTheSuga That is a totally valid reason to lean towards Wooyoung! ^_^
@stevieq Thank you! The Rabbit deserves a cameo in every 2PM MV from now on....he's got fans.
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