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I don't like spending tons of time on my nails during summer because I know I'll be changing it often. Nail polishes wear off if you let it immerse in water for a long period of time. Since I'll be swimming quite a bit this summer I don't want to get my nails done at the salon (knowing it'll only last a week or so). If you're looking for salon quality designs for summer, check out the following manicure art below. They're easy to paint and it takes less than 30 minutes to DIY.

Summer Tropical

1. Paint nails with a black polish.

2. Paint green tropical leaves to the nail.
3. Create bright red flowers and add yellow polish to the center.
4. Finish with top coat.

Palm Trees

1. Paint nails with neon orange polish leaving two nails with black and white polish.
2. Paint palm trees with opposite color on the black and white nails.
3. Finish off with top coat.

Fun Polka Dots

1. Paint nails with a mint green polish.
2. Dab on black polka dots with a dotting tool (it doesn't have to be perfect).
3. Repeat with smaller dots using a white polish.
4. Finish with top coat.

Floral Pastel

1. Paint nails with your favorite pastel colors (alternate with each nails).
2. With the clear nails, paint on flowers using dotting tool.
3. Finish off with top coat.
The floral pastel looks really easy but it'll probably take a lot of time paint on those dots and apply gold details at the center of the flowers.
In love with the summer tropical nails!