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Happy Monday! I got a request from a few of you on recreating a hairstyle from @DeyaYasmine's card's. The hairstyle is called "basket weave" which you basically use weaving technique to braid your hair. There are many variations of this hairstyle and two ways to weave. Check out the two tutorial tutorials below!

Weaving Basics:

Just like you would weave a basket, you begin by sectioning your hair. Then weave with the outermost strand alternating over and under the remaining sections.

Method 1: Topsy Turvy Tool

This is the most simplest way to weave your hair. I normally use a topsy turvy tool to style it. You can find it on amazon for $1.25+ free shipping. You can't beat the price and it's useful for endless braids hairstyles.

Method 2: Rattail Comb

I fast-forward the video to the weaving part, so if you want to listen to her intro you can just rewind. What I love about this tutorial is you don't need any fancy hair tool to weave your hair. You can use a rattail or even a chopstick for this one!
After you got the weaving technique down you can try different styling options. Two of my favorites are the basket weave headband (left) and the basket weave side braid (right). Be creative and experiment!
that's pretty cool
Wow this is definitely something I'd need a lot of helping hands for haha
@MistyNickerson You're very welcome!
awesome sauce ☺ thank you!❤
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