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Fans watching SBS' 'Inkigayo' must have noticed, but Big Bang was absent from the lineup. Because G-Dragon and T.O.P were not present during their 1st place stage on May 24th due to MV filming, the 'Inkigayo' staff had penalized the group by banning them entirely from the show. Music industry insiders said, "It has always been problematic when a 1st place group does not appear on the live broadcast unless they had an unavoidable reason. Big Bang's case is the same. They might have been filming their MV, but the staff must have seen it as a problem as unfair to the rest of the groups." The ban is surprising, as Big Bang and other YG Entertainment artists had only performed on 'Inkigayo' for a while until very recently when Jinusean and Big Bang started promoting on other music shows as well. Fans are furious at the decision, also pointing out that there was unfairness last week during voting as well. "Bang Bang Bang" was added to the voting list 40 hours after the song was released. The staff had reasoned that situation was nothing abnormal, as they had always updated every Wednesday and only on Wednesday. However, the result was that SHINee won the show last week even though Big Bang was #1 on charts.  Currently, 'Inkigayo' has not yet announced a winner to the 14th's show and will be announcing the winner between EXO and Big Bang today on their home page. As Big Bang has two more songs to promote after "Bang Bang Bang", it seems like something has to be worked out soon. cr:allkpop http://www.allkpop.com/article/2015/06/big-bang-banned-from-inkigayo-as-a-penalty-for-g-dragon-and-top-missing-a-show
So.....after the voting fiascos last week.....its like that Inkigayo? Really? Like for real? You're gonna ban one of the biggest groups in Kpop.....over an absense?
First of all.....It was only GD & TOP who weren't there due to an MV filming schedule. The other 3 members were present for the award speech. Now I have a mind to think that SBS are throwing a britch fit at YG because they're mending their relationship with KBS. Pulling some cray cray ex girlfriend type ish.
All I know is SBS have been treating BIGBANG like shtick ever since the boys reappeared on KBS (both music show and variety). Especially after mysteriously being absent from the Inkigayo voting ballot for almost a full 2 days SBS didn't apologize or make special exceptions for V.I.Ps but bent over backwards when EXO wasn't put up for 7 hours and allowed EXO-Ls to vote via email.
V.I.Ps and EXO-Ls have been at "war" since this fudge up with the voting....which lead to less than friendly comments left on various social media and in some cases, disturbing threats and acts on both sides. But you know....this is just adding fuel to the fire. And I hate to sound like that creepy lil girl from the meme with the house burning down in the background.....but....
This act by Inkigayo is unjust....yes. But as I stated earlier, BIGBANG is unquestionably one of the biggest Kpop groups in the world....they aren't called The Kings of Kpop for nothing. And if it's like that, Inkigayo....
@PassTheSuga yaaaay you used the gif!! And one with Kevin Hart...and a PLL one. Awesomeness. Anyway, SBS needs Big Bang waaaaay more than they need them. This is going to backfire big time.
wow just because T.O.P and G-Dragon didnt show the person that banned them is being to dramatic.
They keep making it worse and worse with all their shenanigans lol. This is only giving Big Bang more attention right now (and I totally don't mind that!) ^_^
Bigbang, the Kings
@StephanieDuong I agree....I'm tired of all this booshtick as well. But you know what's absolutely hilarious?? BIGBANG ended up winning the 14th episode anyway! (´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)
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