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AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH THE FEEEEEEEEEELZZZZZZ<333333 I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE UPDATES ....yes....I'm going crazy with the caps lock but I can't help myself ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ And after the intro, soooooooooo wasn't ready for T.O.P to be all up in my face.....
Thank you, YG for taking V.I.Ps along for the ride while they're on tour. I, for one, am so greatful for these behind the scenes vlogs. Gives us a chance to see our boys just chillin being their own silly adorkable selves<3 and not only that but gives some of us who won't be able to see them live this summer a peek at what they're missing out on (╥_╥) And the "You like?" line by T.O.P is flippin hilarious.... I'm saying it all the time now lol.
@PassTheSuga Agreed! Choom TOP takes over the world! :)
@poojas T.O.P is everything Lol.....he's bae, he's that weird guy you pass on the street that is harmless but creeps you out a lil anyway, he's Peter Pan.....he's just everything Lol.
T.O.P is awesome lol. I can't wait for his new drama! ^^