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And without making any huge deal about it. While the country is pretty socially conservative, the Mexico Supreme court ruled on June 3 that state bans on same sex marriage are unconstitutional.
While the ruling doesn't invalidate the states laws, it does mean that any couples denied the chance to wed can then turn to an individual court, which will then have to approve the applications for same-sex marriage. Still, only Mexico City has passed same-sex marriage without court rulings.
Personally, I like the way this happened. It really makes it seem like same-sex marriage being banned was just a clerical error that is now being corrected....as it should be!
My favorite quote from this all:
"As the purpose of matrimony is not procreation, there is no justified reason that the matrimonial union be heterosexual, nor that it be stated as between only a man and a woman."
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I agree with your statement, about it just being a correction of a "clerical error.” I didn’t even see anything in the news before the decision was made, and I was pleasantly surprised!
I'm disgusted
@nicolejb Exactly! It really shouldn't be as big of a deal as the world makes it.