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Most of you probably think that a haircut for $7 is unrealistic. Here's a secret - you don't need to spend over $50 for a professional cut that actually looks good. How? Beauty college. Ever wonder where people get their beauty license and training? Yup, beauty academy. most of the students that pass several rounds get the chance to practice on real clients. The students are supervised by their instructor to ensure correct styling and cut.

Three reasons to get your hair done at a beauty college:

1. Price is attractive. The average haircut is $10!
2. Undivided attention. Students that are fresh off the grill are are more attentive and wants to do their best to cater your needs. After all they're graded by their performance.
3. Perks! Chances are if you end up with a chill hairstylist you might even get a free styling service (i.e. straighten, curl) to accompany your haircut.
Below are my favorite beauty academies:

Toni & Guy

The vibe at Toni & Guy is trendy, modern and young! They have about 24 hairdressing academy in 14 states across the nation. I've only been to the one at Santa Monica, so I can only comment for that particularly location.
The student salon offers haircut, hair color, highlights, men's cut, children (under 12), blow dry and specialty style. You have to book online or call in (for same-day-appointments).
Santa Monica Location: 1358 5TH ST, SANTA MONICA, CA 90401 Salon Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 8:30am - 4:00pm
Contact: (310) 451-0101

Paul Mitchell

Another beauty school giant across the nation. I've been to their location at Beverly Hills and San Diego. I personally love the San Diego vibe because everyone is so chill. From time to time they offer promotions (i.e. happy hour service, prom hair & makeup) with a fabulous price!
They do everything from makeup, haircut and styling, color, and texturing. You can schedule your appointment online or call in.
San Diego Location: 410 A Street San Diego, CALIFORNIA 92101
Salon Hours: Mon/Wed/Thurs/Fri (9:30-10pm), Tues/Sat (9:30-5pm)
Contact: 619-398-1590
Have you ever tried getting your hair done at a beauty academy salon?
They do all - from haircut & styling to coloring. Not bad. Yes, and they are supervised by their instructors. The pedi includes footspa as well. And when you're done, you just have to write your feedback. Good service, I'd say.
I think the name of the school is "Marinella". I even got a nail art - just on my big toes and two thumbs for s price of just $7.00!
@aeryeon1425 Which salon did you get your nails done at? The ones I've been to only does hair and makeup.
hah! l have done that! including mani & pedi.. they work great.
My bestie always get her done at Paul Mitchell because she refuses to spend over $20 for a haircut.
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