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Q: Does He Like Me, or Not?

Q: Hey, I need your help. There's that guy in my school we became friends online last summer and he used to flirt with me but we never talked really in person. Maybe a couple of hi's and what's up's that's it. And he's checking me out or nervous or shy around me all the time so I decided to stop texting him and hope that he'll maybe talk in person but he didn't so after a while he started texting me again. Flirting and asking me to go to places and soccer games etc. but I said no because I thought it'd be awkward because we never talk in person. So what should I do? I feel like he likes me but then I think he may be like that with everyone.
A: Leave your advice for this anon in the comments!!
I think he's more for virtual relationship. in my opinion, that is how he warms up to u. he doesn't want to make a big deal out of talking to u on school grounds, which consists of your friends and his, this the reason for him inviting you OUT. When he's comfortable with you he'll let u kno how he feels about you.
@TerrecaRiley thanks for weighing in!!! I'll remind the anon to come check out your advice ;) you're right though, he might need time to feel comfortable with the offline relationship and that's cool, too
Hmmm.. this is a tough one, but my sense is that you'll never really know if he likes you or not if you do'nt hang out in person! So, even if it might be awkward, I say set up a time. Try to do it when other people are around, too, to help move conversation while still being able to judge how he treats you in comparison to others!! Otherwise, you'll never know if it's friendliness or flirtation!
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