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BTS For you Mv Dance Version
omge just perfect they are the best <3
Happy 2nd Anniversary 2 my my lovely BTS boys
And are you all superexcited
for SICK
hell yeah <3
Bring it on Boys
Palli ;) <3
Bts Real War (Dance Performance)
Just the best goofy and what can I say thats uri BTS LOL
BTS War of Hormone actual choreography jic if u miss it lol
And last but not the least happy 2nd anniversary boys <3
nanun noemo noemo saranghhae <3
All credit for all pics videos to its actual owners
Another group to add to my list! Thanks for sharing ^_^
@poojas I'm really glad that you're starting to like BTS ^^ now which member do you like?
@xoxoaudra98 Ugh, that's such a tough question. But I'm gonna have to say Suga for now ^_^
@poojas Awwwwww I like V he's my bias