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I just came across this exhibition, and I'm really impressed by it. It's become a popular to do massive art projects in order to raise awareness about real, big issues (think of the AIDS quilt or other big projects).
1000s of people died in Kosovo during a two year conflict with Serbia back in 1998 and 1999. That is often publicly discussed. What is not discussed, however, are the 20,000+ survivors of sexual violence from that time period.
Artist Alketa Xhafa-Mripa organized a project to spotlight the large number of people who have suffered during that time and while hiding their secret since them.
“‘Air dirty laundry in public’ is a way of saying ‘Talk about your private issues in public’, but in this case the laundry is washed, clean, like the women survivors who are clean, pure – they carry no stain,” Xhafa-Mrida said in an interview with The Guardian.
“I want those thousands of dresses to hit you with the reality of what happened and I want people to talk about it. The installation can be grasped by anyone, no matter what language they speak,” she said.
50 dresses were hung on 45 washing lines on a football pitch, which could be seen as a symbol of masculinity and machismo. Cool, right? I would love to be able to see this massive exhibition in person!
@nicolejb @shannonl5 I'm really glad it did as well as it did, and got the attention it did.
This is awesome!! Talk about cool way to represent something unseen or talked about...These are some great images that have the power to speak :)
What an amazing project! The idea of in/visibility is such a difficult concept to express visually. I hope this helped the survivors find a little more peace.