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Surreal Summer Eye Makeups
Tired of a the boring jetblack cat eye makeup? Give your eyes a pop of color this summer! Nothing is more dazzling than sparkly eyes accompanied by gorgeous colors. Below are five of my favorite summer makeup for that surreal summer look.
Trendy Mint Green & Gold Smokey Eye
Want to catch someone's attention? The blend of green and gold here can capture anyone's soul.
Summer Mermaid Eyes
This one is a must for summer poolside parties. The blend of teal, turquoise and purple is simply magical. And that cat eye!
Peachy Summer Corals Makeup Tutorial
A little 'coral' goes a long way. This one is for the minimalist and feminine girl. Suitable for any summer occasion including that first date!
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The mermaid makeup looks stunning! I can't wait to try it myself.
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