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It’s out! It’s out!
The Time We Were Not In Love‘s official poster is out! And it’s heartwarming, and sweet, and romantic, and insert additional flowery adjectives here.
Playing characters who go from best friends to lovers, Lee Jin Wook and Ha Ji Won have coffee together as well as an intimate moment in this warm-hued poster. Facing each other as they sit in the garden, she beams as his smiling face leans in close, about to kiss her forehead and not caring that he’s about to spill his drink. I just noticed that her leg is resting comfily on his. Awww!
The Time We Were Not In Love will premiere on June 27th on SBS.
This looks cool, I need to check out the drama!
i've been waiting for this for a week..
@najiko and @poojas ... the magic starts tonight ladiies :)
@divalycious woohoo, thanks! :D