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Actor Song Joong Ki expressed how happy he was for the success of his film. Song Joong Ki’s interview was featured on the December 15th episode of KBS ‘Entertainment Report’. On the interview Song Joong Ki stated, “I was certain about my choice when accepted the role on ‘Nice Guy’ and while that drama was doing very well, ‘Werewolf Boy’ took off exceeding my expectation.” Song Joong Ki continued, “But then there were some negatives too. All of a sudden I couldn’t concentrate on the drama anymore. It was because I was so amped up. I had so much trouble calming myself down.” Song Joong Ki added, “The extended version of ‘Werewolf Boy’ was released so I went to the theater and I watched it hiding amongst the fans. I reacted to the scenes very lively. It felt real when I was there. It was some time after the movie had been released but the theater was still full of people, so it felt real.” He also spoke about how he felt about wrapping up the drama ‘Nice Guy’. Song Joong Ki shared, “I don’t know why I cried on the last day of filming. The last day of filming felt really said. It’s always like that though. Even on the last day of filming for ‘Werewolf Boy’, Park Bo Young didn’t cry but I did. It was the same with ‘Nice Guy’, Moon Chae Won didn’t cry but I did.”
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