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I finally got a haircut over the weekend and now I'm over the moon to try hairstyles made for shorties! To be honest, I find short hair easier to style than long hair. I don't miss waiting for my long hair to dry! Also, the time spent curling my hair is twice as fast! Finally, the updos are just as beautiful as long hair. Take a look at below at two genius ways to give your short hair an updo (pics from Cosmopolitan).

Braided Updo

I've seen a similar upside-down braided bun for long hair. You can skip the bun and still achieve the upside down braided with a twist.
Here's how:
French braid your hair from back to front. Then section your hair, taking hair from the left side, braid it and wrap the loose ends in a pin curl. Take the loose hair from the right of your part and pin curl it.

Twisted Updo

This one is super easy! All you have to do is create a pompadour with your bangs. Then taking 1-2 inch section hair, twist and pin your hair up. There's no right or wrong way to do this but you need LOTs of bobby pins.
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This is pretty neat! The second style seems doable for mid-length hair.
The twisted updo is cute :) It almost looks like a 50s hair style!
I can never get it good it always ends up like poop