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If you love pasteles, tamales, mangú, arepas, and everything so damn good in the Latin cuisine, there’s a new awesome community.
The Latino Food Community is now here, and it’s quite lonely in there. Talk to me!
If you like to cook, eat, learn, or discover new Latin food dishes, this is the community you'll need to join. I know I am super excited for this. Although I am a foodie, I particularly love Latin foods -- everything from snacks from street vendors, to luxury food items made by food artists.
Let’s show the world how awesome and diverse the Latin cuisine is. I want new friends who like the same awesome foods I do! :) :)
See you there!
I agree with @danidee, had me at pasteles as well. 🙌 joined
Joined! I love your recipes!
You had me at pasteles.
Gracias por invitarme! Voy a seguir a este grupo! Estoy muy emocionado de oír hablar de eso! Espero con interés las recetas y tener algo para contribuir! Me encantaría una gran receta para un delicioso pollo Enchiladas Suizas! Gracias! (Thank you for inviting me! I will follow this group! I am excited to hear about it! I look forward to the recipes and have some to contribute! I would love a great recipe for delicious Enchiladas Chicken Suizas! Thank you!)
We have a new community, "Latino Food" ....check it out! :) :) @arios025 @galinda @redridergirl @christianmordi @jibarito
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