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Sometimes its hard to see past your own life. Everything seems to start getting more and more important that sometimes just being yourself seems like the most difficult thing in the world. Its times like these when embracing different lifestyles is necessary.
When we are making friends we usually end up with people who have a similar moral compass to ours. They may have a totally different personality but you are smiler in the way you dress, the music you listen too and your belief systems.
In other words, you usually think the same things are important.
What starts to suck is when your ideas of what are important start to change. Starting to deviate from the norm can lead to anxiety and a fear of losing the comfort of always being on the same side as your friends.
Discovering alternate lifestyles is freeing, even if you don't actually stray from yours. It is always nice to see that there are other lifestyle choices, and that it is ok to be different.
I live in NYC. This means everyone focuses on getting high paying jobs, nice clothing, seeing the new trendy bar, whose gonna pay for the uber, how fast can we climb the ladder of success, wondering if we are being politically correct, and why can't I be skinny. We talk about the city, TV shows, partying and subways.
The there is my house at the lake. It sits on a dirt road and the town has more cows then people. Up there they remind me that its ok to not have a CEO position, just be grateful to have a job. They remind me that drinking beer while floating about in a tube on the lake is totally fine. They remind me that when something breaks you don't instantly need to get someone to fix it, you try to fix it yourself first.
At this point in my life its hard not to believe that every decision I make is critical towards the rest of my entire life. If I make the wrong choice, I will never be successful, happy, blessed, self-sufficient...the list goes on and on.
Taking a break from my life offers me a chance to get out of my head and over myself. I realize having dreams about my phone breaking is stupid and that not having a different outfit for every day of work is just a waste of money. I realize that letting off a little steam by doing something totally stupid is healthy and to make the best of every situation you can't change. Like just because the boat broke doesn't mean we can't still drink on it!
This doesn't mean I'll change completely. I won't relax over night or figure out how to just not give a shit, but it is a nice reminder that the whole world isn't based off of my decisions. That people live totally different lives and get on just fine, if not better.
Remembering that alternative lifestyles exist will set you free from the confines of what you think is suppose to be correct. Enjoy the discoveries and change how you see fit.
Either way it helps you get over yourself, which we all need to do.