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That puppy is so lucky! It has one of the most famous supermodels as its mother. Could life get any better? If you look past the absolutely adorable puppy (I know, it's really hard to do), Kendall is rocking a stylish denim on denim look (yes, that's possible). Here is a recreation of her trendy outfit for less with links to affordable pieces.
Jeans It's a twist on the classic skinny jean style: jeans with different washes of denim patches. Go for a fairly dark wash so that you can easily contrast the wash of the jeans and the denim shirt. Another option is here.
Denim shirt Pair the patched jeans with a light-wash denim shirt. You want the shirt to be loose fitting so that it compliments the tight jeans and doesn't compete with them. Make sure the wash is significantly lighter than the wash of the jeans so that you don't risk a fashion faux pas.
Accessories The accessories to this outfit are incredibly simple. All you need is a black belt and a black cross body purse. Now, all that is left is to go adopt a puppy!
@hikaymm Saaaame. Especially if I find one that cute.
Puppies are never optional! I will make sure to pick up a puppy for my look
I love chambray shirts. They're so comfortable and fashionable at the same time.
Haha this definitely made me want to get a puppy! a puppy matches every look!