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The new star of hit Netflix TV show, Orange Is The New Black, has been taking the internet by storm. Ruby Rose is gaining major traction attracting new fans with each episode. She's showing up on the cover of magazines, making tv appearances, and the media seems to be fixated with her.

But many people are asking...Who is she? And where did she come from?

She's a model from Australia yet she thinks 'model' is a false term since she doesn't consider herself one. She told Rolling Stones magazine, " I don't think of myself as a model. I'm genderqueer, and I've got tattoos."
She created a video called 'Break Free' last July showing the concept of gender fluidity. The video has reached almost 4 million views showing that she has made quite a strong presence online.
She was an Australian MTV VJ back in the day. Now, she's 29 and you'd never know it.
She is VERY HAPPY with her fiancé Phoebe Dahl. #RelationshipGoals
Her character on Orange Is The New Black is 'Stella'. Stella is Litchfield's newest inmate who begins to join a love triangle with Piper and Alex. Stella is slightly rough around the edges, very straightforward, confident, and extremely irresistible. Hmmmmm....


So she's now becoming a crowd favorite character, but is she your favorite OITNB star?
I will forever be Team Red.
Agreed @beywatch! I think Sophia and Poussey are still my faves but Stella is so much fun to watch
Hey hey hey hey. 29 is not old. What is this "Now, she's 29 and you'd never know it. " business??/
She's so hot umph HER WINK
She is gorgeous and I was so mad at the end ugh lol
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