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Okay so if you haven't already seen 2pm's latest mv for My House, you definitely should. I will admit up front that as much as I love 2pm I was slightly confused as to why there where so many animals. The theme seemed to be entirely about the Cinderella fairytale with the girl being at the dance and watching the clock. It feels even more so like it when she left one of her shoes behind (after throwing it off herself). But putting the dominant theme aside, there references to Alice in Wonderland with the not so white rabbit, Little Red Riding Hood with the appearance of the wolf, and Snow White with the whole apple thing going on. Aside from those other themes there was a second underlying theme I noticed besides the dominant Cinderella theme. It was Beauty and the Beast or in this case Beauty and the Beasts'. All of the members seemed to have this double personality or split side. (Well something to that effect). Looking more closely at the lyrics it also feels like a fairytale. I mean who wouldn't want to go to the house of their favorite beastly idol group. The hard part is choosing whose house to go to first. The whole song has this intoxicating feel for me and I admit I started to love them a little bit more after this mv. All the members looked amazing and sounded amazing. Who is your bias in 2pm and who do you think sounded the best? Lyrics and crazy fairytale mv aside, I just really loved looking at the members and listening to their voices.
Jun.K slaaaaaays once again! And Junho is looking adorable as always. (Am I the only one who loled at the singing rabbit inviting me over to its house?)
My bias is taecyeon and I thought jun k. was amazing
The animals were so cute though! And bias is Chansung and Jun.K sounds the best ^_^
I think so too. He was like the extra member of 2PM lol.
Lol the rabbit was the best part