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1. No guilt.

If you're allowing yourself to feel guilty, it defeats the purpose of a cheat meal, and you're essentially missing the point. Enjoy it. Savor it. It doesn't come by very often.

2. Plan ahead.

Schedule your indulgence meals that way you have some sort of incentive to look forward to. They should never be spur of the moment decisions.

3. Limit your indulgence meals.

Once a week is plenty. If you allow a cheat meal to occur every other day, that will transform into weeks, which turn into months, and then you begin to question whether or not every meal you eat is on a "cheat" day.

4. Portion control.

A cheat meal is no excuse to forget everything you know about portion control and it should never be a license to binge eat.

5. Move on.

Do it, love every second of it and move on. Don't let a cheat meal be a trigger to bad eating habits. Everything in moderation, people!
I relate to #3 way too much. SORRY, JEAN LUC PICARD. I'll reel in the cheat day enthusiasm from now on.
Yes it is @Nisfit! It's all about the will power and being able to walk away.
My problem is being sure not to make it a habit! It's so easy to make it cheat day every day :)