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Returning to your home town after graduation can be a harrowing experience. After four years of hard work and living on your own you're right back where you started.
The faces are the same, your family is the same. Things didn't change. And despite all of your grandiose expectations of success and happiness afgter your whirlwhind experiences a t college, you settle. You go back home.
Except, all of the expectations not being met is not failure. It's not the end of the world either.
I'm home for two weeks before leaving for New York City and the familiar feeling is actually pretty comforting. I left Athens like a bat out of hell and bid Ohio University my final goodbye.j
College is officially over, and waking up in my room at home, in my own bed has never felt better.
Having my sister down the hall from me and my family all in the same space as me was a relief. For four years now, They've been a memory. A phone call. A FaceTime away.
It's nice to see the people who will be there above all else. My mom always says, "Friends will come and go, but family will always be there."
We love our friends, and sometimes we choose them over our family. Once we come home, we realize the value of those who have been there our whole lives. They know our personalities. They know the ins-and-outs of our souls. They can see through our bullshit. Their support is infallible, and though we try to downplay our feelings for them and create a sense of independence, when we get home after a long time away, it's often a relief.
I know I'm feeling relieved right now.
These next two weeks I'll be closing another chapter: being at home.
I'm moving to Brooklyn, and that will become my new home, just like Athens did when I first went to college.
For all of you staying at home for longer periods of time, I can offer some advice: Don't take things for granted, appreciate your family, and work hard to change your situation.
Things aren't always favorable. Sometimes we don't get the job, we don't have the money, we can't make it work. That is not failure. Home isn't failure, it's just a detour. Create a life wherever you go. Make new friends, open up your mind and work as hard as possible to get where you want to go.
Some people don't have a place to crash after college. Some people have no choice but to live on their own without the support of a family and without a safety net.
Home is a safety net for twenty-somethings falling from the sky after college.

If you need to, just let it catch you, but never give up on free-falling to the place you really want to be.

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always a net at home waiting for you