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Hello and welcome to the first installment of “Punny News!
Lots of people around the world don’t read the news, and the that I say, “poo-poo.” It’s time the news became fun again! So what I’m going to do is make it really easy for you to catch up daily events. Similar to a News Daily Briefing or an Daily Email Newsletter, I’m going to take revilement stories in the news, and sum them up. But in puns!
I love word play and I love keeping up with current events. You should too.

In today’s news...

Jeb Bush announced his presidential campaign today. He sure did beat-around-the Bush before he finally made his point and told the nation.
Everyone is upset about Game of Thrones. Let’s just say that Snow-one is safe in that show.
The two escaped high-security prisoners have not been found, but their civilian helper has been arrested. She was caught for her lie ability.
Forecast for the U.S. today seemed to be rainy all over. I drought it rained in California though...
For more news puns follow my daily Punny News Collection! It’ll be the sealiest part of your day.
Anytime @hikaymm! I’m glad someone can appreciate my weird sense of humor!
Hahahaha. This is AMAZING.
Oh god. I love a good pun. Thank you.