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A story:
A man takes the 6-train subway from Grand Central (42nd st.) to 23rd st. in the mornings. The 6 train is supposed to stop at 33rd st., 28th, and 23rd.
Grand Central is the probably the busiest stop in the city, and on Monday mornings around 8:45 AM, it's a total zoo. There's pushing and shoving, and lots of people forget the whole 'let others off before you get on' rule.
So, today, it's especially bad, and the platform is totally jammed. I manage...I mean, a man manages to get on the train, and the conductor decides that it's time to lecture subway riders, turning the local 6 train into an express train, going right down to 14th st. with no stops. Clearly, the only thing this accomplishes is keeping the number of people actually in the subway's system higher for a longer period of time, as lots will have to get off at 14th st., and then transfer back UPtown to get to their stop that was missed. Brilliant!
James Murphy, frontman of LCD Soundsystem, said it best:
"New York, I Love You
But you're bringing me down
Like the death of the heart,
Jesus, where do I start?
But you're still the one pool
Where I'd happily drown"
Also: Kermit the Frog, ladies and gents.
It just feels like a Monday.