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Happy Birthday North West!

All of the pictures in this card are from Kim Kardashian's Instagram. Obviously Kim isn't wasting any time plastering her daughter all over the internet. It's very usual for the American reality royal family to be very public with their lives.
North West is now entering the terrible-two's yet no one seems to know how she could possibly be terrible when her life has been next to perfect.
She's dressed in designer clothes. She has sat front row at top fashion shows. She travels the world. She's entering one of the most prestigious and wealthy families in the US. And her parents are some of the biggest celebrities in the world. I'd say she has it good.
North definitely got good genes and she looks absolutely adorable. She's as cute as a button and everyone knows it.
North West is only 2 and Kim has yet to post a picture of her today. I'm sure North's birthday party will be bigger and more elaborate than your average American wedding which is ridiculous. I mean, I guess that's what you do with millions of dollars when you don't have anything else to spend it on. If you could only switch places with North for the day...that would be crazy fun. Whatever the case, I hope North has a really delicious piece of cake and enjoys the day even though she won't remember it 10 years from now.
@beywatch Crazy to think a two year old is already better looking, richer, and better off than we commoners will probably ever be. LOL
I wonder which parent dresses her. Or if she's got her own stylist!
She has such long eyelashes. I'm jealous of a baby right now.