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Think Before You Eat

Have you ever wondered how much exercise would be required in order to burn off all the calories you consumed after you dove into all those snacks hiding in your food pantry or fridge? Well, I'm here to enlighten you. Note: These calories are calculated based on an average amount burned for an active 120-140 pound woman.

If you consume...

1 slice of cheesecake (710 calories) You have to do: 150 minutes of brisk walking.
Pieces of fried chicken breast (445 calories) You have to do: 65 minutes on a stationary bike.
Cheeseburger and a side of fries (690 calories) You have to do: 143 minutes on the elliptical.
Regular sized milkshake (780 calories) You have to do: 75 minutes of jumping rope.
16 oz. frappuccino (500 calories)
You have to do: 170 minutes of pilates.
Chicken burrito (1175 calories)
You have to do: 125 minutes of running.
1 glazed yeast donut (245 calories)
You have to do: 88 minutes of crunches.
21 oz. soda (200 calories)

You have to do: 54 minutes of lunges.

2 slices of pepperoni pizza (630 calories) You have to do: 160 minutes of climbing stairs.
Chips and queso (740 calories)
You have to do: 130 minutes of swimming.
I meant to right despise and love, but clearly my conscious took over...
Milkshakes are essentially Satan. All you're doing is drinking a tub of melted ice cream!
I'm usually dying after an hour in a pilates class, no way can I survive 170 minutes just to burn off a frapp!!
I both despise and hate this list. Ughhhh~~
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