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Remember when you used acrylic paint all the time as a kid for those amazing art projects that your parents stuck on the refrigerator? Well, get ready to be a kid again because acrylic paint is the new makeup trend.
If you crave bright, popping eye shadow colors, but get super frustrated when the eyeshadow smudges off after a couple of hours, then this trend is for you! Please don't put actual acrylic paint on your skin — the wonderful makeup people at M.A.C. Cosmetics and Sephora have got you covered with special long-lasting makeup. The silicone base of the M.A.C. Acrylic Makeup makes it very durable and it will last up to 12 hours. The acrylic paint makeup is also resistant to sweat, water and humidity.
Since it is basically paint, you have to let the product dry for a few minutes after you apply it to your eyelids or skin. Sephora's Aqua Cream is a cream eyeshadow that is waterproof and is mixed with mother of pearl pigments to give it a luminous glow.
M.A.C. Cosmetics sells 10 bold colors, from red to yellow to purple. Sephora sells a larger variety of colors, with 26 different hues. Go bold or go home!