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So you had a bit to much to drink. Now the light of day shoots through your eyelids and you must account for every single shot that you took the night before. Regret. But its nice to know that we've all been there, and we've all know what its like.
10. You wake up.....somewhere.
If you're lucky its in your bed. If you're not then you could be anywhere from your bathroom, to your front lawn, to someone else's front lawn. Pray for your bed to avoid the walk of shame with no sunglasses.
9. Needing water but not being able to move to get any.
Your mouth tastes like stale beer and Jager and your teeth feel like they have permeant gunk on them. All you need is water, but you are actually afraid to move, let alone get up out of bed. Plus the second you drink the water you know you're gonna feel even worse.
8. Checking your phone
It can be really entertaining or really terrible. I mostly just pray that if I did text or call anyone, I was to drunk too make any type of sense. If you hit up your ex, just hide your phone and act like you didn't until you feel better.
7. You realize that you should at least try and move.
Its already afternoon and you've had to pee for a good hour already. But getting out of bed seems more difficult then climbing Mt Everest.
6. Running into your parents downstairs
You just want to sleep and maybe try and eat something greasy. But running into your parents hungover becomes a whole different nightmare. You don't want them to realize how drunk you got so you pull yourself together for a good 4 minutes.
5. Every noise and light hurts
Your body is in pain. Your head is pounding. You knew you shouldn't have gotten out of bed. So you go back and hope that no one in the entire world speaks for the rest of the day.
4. Cue the vomit.
After your body gets over the sudden shock of feeling like the living dead, it wants to get rid of all the extra poison thats you put in it. That means hugging the toilet every hour. It isn't so bad though, after each round of vomiting you get a good 5 minutes of hope that you might be starting to feel better.
3. Finally you decide to shower.
And it feels amazing. After working up the energy you somehow can't figure out why you didn't shower the second you woke up. Washing of the bar stench almost feels like you are washing off the hangover...almost.
2. Your hangover from hell has only become a slight headache.
After not eating all day or eating then throwing it all back up your body is ready to eat everything in sight. Bring on as much cheese as possible.
1. You remember you have work tomorrow.
Instead of having a relaxing Sunday to ease you back into the workweek you spent the whole day feeling like a truck backed up over you several times. You are dead tired and at this point only have about 7 hours before you have to get up for work. Its a nightmare.
Just know that you will get through this and by next party, you'll have completely forgot the pain your friend alcohol induces. Happy drinking!
Monday mornings, am I right!?
@beywatch when i am hungover I am just thirsty the whole day an can't figure out what to drink. It is the worst feeling in the world...ever
Oh my god, the water part is too real. I just want ALL THE WATER when I'm hungover. Water and the biggest stack of French toast money can buy.
he is living life 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
Lmao at the last pic.. 馃嵑馃嵏馃嵒