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Most people use the summertime to get away and do some much needed traveling.

Whether you're going to your local beach or out of the country to travel the seven seas, there are certain beauty products you must have handy. There's never not a right time to go and touch up your look, so making sure you have these products on hand at all time is a definite must.

When you start packing your bags for your must needed get away, don't forget to pack these must needed beauty items to make your trip stress free and beautiful as you are.

Don't want to spend a ton on tanning and a skin protectant?

No need.

This spray gel will make your wildest dreams come true this vacation because it's also a bronzer. Who doesn't love a two for one deal? Not only will your skin have the glow you're looking for, but you'll be getting the protection needed all at the same time.

The last thing people think about on vacation is sleep, but you'll eventually have to get a few hours in.

Once the fatigue hits you, throw on this cute sleep mask to ensure you get a good nights rest. You won't be able to see a thing through this baby, so don't worry about the sun waking you up in the morning -- you'll still be getting your beauty rest.

Your body isn't the only thing that needs protection from the sun.

Make sure your lips are protected and moisturized with fresh sugar lip balm. No need to reach for the gloss or lipstick, these balms have the perfect tint to give your lips a pop of color.

With the summer comes heat and with heat comes oily skin.

To rid yourself of a vacation nightmare aka an oily t-zone, bring along Boscia's No Pores No Shine T-Zone Treatment. This treatment will make your oily nightmares a dream come true.

The new craze for the past summer has been flash tattoos.

Too chicken to go out and get a real tattoo? Flash tattoos to the rescue! These tattoos are versatile, temporary and gold. I mean everyone loves gold, right? Reminiscent of jewelry, these tattoos will be sure to make a statement and complete your summer vacation in style.