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Cassidy Gifford is the new star of horror movie, 'The Gallows' and the preview is giving me chills. The cool thing is that Cassidy is getting more publicity than just from her famous mother (Kathie Lee Gifford is a TODAY show anchor).
Kris Jenner called attention to Cassidy and the movie on her personal Instagram. The Jenner's and the Gifford's have been family friends for years.
Cassidy is an absolute beauty at age 21. This is her first movie and we'll have to wait and see if she's a break-out star. Fingers crossed.
Katie Lee Gifford pointed out the connection between her family and the Kardashian/Jenner's," We've been around the world together on different family trips and things. I think everyone has heard that we're god-parents of Kendall and Kylie. So there's a familiarity, there's an intimacy there."
She then continued to point out that she will remain by the Kardashian/Jenner stars despite various obstacles, " I love the family. I disagree with a lot of the decisions they've made through the years. But friends love you through thick and thin. Or else, they're not a friend."
She's crying uncontrollably with a noose around her neck. Definitely chills down my spine but is this going to be a predictable horror movie just like every other? You decide.
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I thought she was for real Kris Kardashian's niece and got all "Oh no." I had no idea that she and Kathie Lee were friends, but it totally makes sense.